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19 June 2009

Word Buzz Friday: Top 25 German Words

Hello everyone! I hope your week has been a little less hectic and chaotic than my own. I was just thinking recently that the last time I was in German was exactly two years ago. While I wish I could travel there more frequently, I will just have to settle for German online for now. That is why I discovered this list of the top 25 German nouns. Can you see how many of them are cognates? (Remember my last post?) For more German words click here. Bis Bald!

1. das Jahr, -e year 14. die Leute (pl.) people
2. das Mal, -e time (as in number of times) 15. die Arbeit, -en work, job
3. das Beispiel, -e example 16. das Prozent, -e percent
4. die Zeit time 17. die Hand, -¨e hand
5. die Frau, -en woman, wife, Mrs. 18. die Stadt, -¨e city
6. der Mensch, -en human being, man 19. der Herr, -en man, gentleman, Mr.
7. das Kind, -er child 20. der/das Teil, -e part
8. der Tag, -e day 21. das Problem, -e problem
9. der Mann, -¨er man 22. die Welt, -en world
10. das Land, -¨er country, land 23. das Recht, -e right, law
11. die Frage, -n question 24. das Ende, -n end
12. das Haus, -¨er house 25. die Million (Mio.), -en million
13. der Fall, -¨e fall, case

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Аманда said...

Dieser Blog ist echt toll! Ich freue mich dass du etwas auf Deutsch geschrieben hast. :)